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    January 11, 2008



    Heather: Who wouldn't want one of those calendars! Beautiful photos and a great idea which I think I might copy for next year! I vote for, let's see, how about July and November? Just a guess but I have really enjoyed watching your garden grow! Thanks!


    I'm going to guess August and September. Beautiful calendar! Thanks for the info about CafePress. I love to just browse the site when I'm bored and see what other people have created.

    Katie at GardenPunks


    A total guess, too, but I'll say July and November.

    What a gorgeous calendar that must be! And please, please please do tell what rose that is in the November picture. I might need to find one of those somewhere. :)


    It's so cheering - in this drab, gray season - to see your pix of 'prettier' times! I'm so lucky to have one of your lovely calendars - it was one of the best gifts I received.
    I'm hang-in 'til Spring. Actually, I'll be
    back in the land of 'endless summer' in about two weeks. I may try to live there for a while in 2008, so I'm going to dig around to find out what veggies I can grow,
    starting now.
    Since mine is a covenanted community I can only grow non-landscaping material on my lanai, so I'm aiming for container gardens with mostly w/tomatoes, cilantro, and peppers.
    Any suggestions? I'm easily zone 10.


    Happy New Year Heather!

    My guess is April and July.

    Heather's Garden

    Nobody's guessed correctly yet, though one person did get very close! Kim, I wish I knew what kind of rose that is. It was a gift from a friend. I also hope it survives the winter since I did absolutely nothing to protect it -- like plant it in the ground.

    Wendi Kelly

    I would have to say June and November as June is prime Rose blooming time. Just a guess. That rose is very pretty. It looks a lot like a Chicago Peace from the picture, but that would be hard to tell from one bloom.
    I love your blog and I am a frequent visiter!

    Heather's Garden

    Wendi -- I looked up Chicago Peace and from what I found on-line, they appear to be more pink than my rose, whose blooms are really white with yellow. Thanks so much for your nice comments. It's still so weird to me that total strangers are interested in what I have to say -- weird in a totally awesome way!

    Wendi Kelly

    ok, I looked, so hopefully that isn't cheating..Mushrooms(Feb) in August and April's yellow flower in August.( Very pretty by the way.

    The mushrooms in August really threw me, Its usually so dry where I live, I never thought of mushrooms then!

    A good old regular Peace rose has less pink. But there are many beautiful yellows. How fragrant is it? Is it a hybrid tea or florbunda? ( Shrub rose with lots of blooms per stem or long stems with single blooms)



    Okay now, March and May! Cool!


    I give up... I'm so bad at guessing these things. (And I'm guessing that Layanee would be smart enough to have looked it up and beat me to answering anyway!) lol.

    That really is a pretty rose. Does it have a scent? I'm bound and determined to track it down now and figure out what you have. :)


    Did anyone ever get this? March and July?

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