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    March 30, 2008



    I would love you to save your amaryllis bulb for me, then, rather than toss it out.
    Just place the bulb in a light, cool place to dry (like on a newspaper), and I'll rescue it for a tropical life in Florida.
    My garden is starting. I have five hyacinth bean sprouts, plus five sprouted Polish
    linguisa tomatoes (sauce type). I talk to
    them every morning, but, so far, no sprouted peppers of any kind. I'm waiting...

    Kristi Smith

    Great post, I love seeing the evolution of the flower. It was a lovely red color.


    heather - thanks for posting the progression of your A. that was really cool! i'm always amazed when people can make those things grow.

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- I will keep the amaryllis bulb for you.

    Kristi Smith -- Thanks, it was fun to look back at it and I agree, the color was awesome!

    Gina -- It's incredibly simple to force these bulbs. You are doing way more advanced stuff with your seedlings.


    Flowers give so much don't they? Damp and rainy here and I have actually been feeling guilty about my lack of ambition until I read your blog pointing out that I was ambitious! I hate to disappoint so I will get out there! Still thinking of Logee's...Thursday?


    I keep these as houseplants, so nothing special and they come up every year. You should have no problem. However, because I do that, they come up quite late. Mine are in bud now.

    I'm with you--I should be outside at least clearing some leaves away and I'm not doing a damn thing.

    Heather's Garden

    Layanee -- we have to find a day that works for both of us to go to Logee's! Wait, since you didn't make it to Austin, you'll actually be around tomorrow, but I went ahead and scheduled an appointment for tomorrow -- drat!

    Eliz -- I talked to my mom and decided that she could have the amaryllis bulb to plant in FL. It will grow in her yard and she can think of me when it blooms. It might even make a guest appearance here some day. Here I am almost a week later and I'm still not doing a thing outside. It's supposed to be in the 50s and clear here most of this week, so maybe I'll get off my butt and do something.

    Texas Lawyer


    I just found your post through a google search. I appreciate the photos of your A. i've been really pleased with mine, but it got long and droopy just like yours. And so I brought it home from the office to try to tie it to a stake, but literally as I was cutting the twine, the flower stalk fell over and broke.

    I still tied the stalk to the stake, and some of the leaves, too, so I will have something to photograph.

    I'm hoping the bulb will come back to life next year, this is my first. Hopefully the sad floppiness of the leaves will not kill my chances.

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