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    August 10, 2008



    great pictures , interesting bug an lovely garden.


    Love the red dahlia! Yep, it's a katydid.


    Ooooh, I LOVE the picture of the katydid! He couldn't have picked a better background plant for himself if he tried, and you took a great photo of him.

    What's your secret for photographing the butterflies, seriously? They always fly away just as I get them in focus... *sigh*

    Heather's Garden

    Rosemary -- Thanks!

    Katie -- Thanks for the confirmation of the katydid.

    Kim -- I know, I'm so happy that I saw it. Butterflies...they're tough. I try and sneak up on them really slowly from behind. Then I hold the camera out away from me, keeping my body as far away from the butterfly as possible. It cracks VPH up to watch me, so I'm guessing I look pretty ridiculous doing it. I also use the macro setting on my camera, the focus option where I half press the shutter and it focuses (is that auto focus?), and just snap away as quickly as I can, not worrying about framing much.

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