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    February 28, 2009



    This is my first time commenting, though I've been following you for a while. I live in a rental house, too. Though, it's only the first year I've been here. I am finding it so difficult to wait! I've started lots of seeds indoors but they seem to be growing TOO fast! Today we got a bit of snow which only serves to remind me that it, indeed, is not time yet.

    Was wondering, though, do you have any drainage problems? Each time it rains my backyard turns into a swimming pool!

    Thanks for your blog!

    Heather's Garden

    Araby -- Thanks for delurking to comment. I always wonder who's reading. Good for you starting indoors, I just don't have the light to do that since most of my windows are north- and west-facing. In answer to your question about drainage issues...with the extreme slope of our yard we haven't experienced drainage issues, but then again, we have very little planted in the ground, so even if we did it wouldn't matter. However, I think we're going to install a new ornamental flower bed this year along the edge of the gravel patio and use the planter table for more veggies.


    I've already started, weak-willed garden nut that I am. The temps had been quite comfortable for almost 2 weeks, maintaining 50-55°F degress and lots of bright sunshine. Of course it had to rain over the weekend and the temps dropped a little but I believe my fava and peas will be able to hang in there. We just better not get hit with a freak snowstorm!


    I am now looking at a red dragonfly and he/she is beautiful! Seed starting will commence as soon as the leek seeds arrive (any moment now). Tomatoes are going to wait until the first of April. Started them too soon last year! The snow...eight+ inches just makes me more anxious!

    Heather's Garden

    Rowena -- I'd trade my 9 inches of snow today for rainy 50 degree weather and sunshine any time!

    Layanee -- We really have to take that Logee's trip to relieve these winter duldrums!


    I just want it to stop being winter. I'm not even thinking about gardening as much as that.

    Heather's Garden

    Elizabeth -- I'm amazed by not thinking about gardening that much. Looking at your forced bulbs is one of things that's been keeping me going this winter.

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