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    June 18, 2009


    Blackswampgirl Kim

    Huh... interesting stuff! Interesting at all that you can "replicate" Cuban climate via tents and such in CT, really. Hmm... I'm trying not to get any crazy ideas over here on how to apply that thought to other tropicals... I already have enough addictions in the gardening realm!

    Hope that the monsoon season there is finished soon. :)


    I had no idea that tobacco was growing in CT and I have been there many times. Fascinating!

    Yes, it has been coming down steadily here for the last 5 days. Which is good, but I'm tired of it now. I hope to have sun tomorrow; there are a few things I'd like to do.

    Heather's Garden

    Kim - I was an event this evening and I have to say I have never heard so many people complaining about the weather. It gets pretty hot and steamy in inland CT, usually 10 degrees warmer than my house here on the shore.

    Elizabeth - You've obviously never flown into Bradley airport. The tobacco fields are the first thing you see on the connector road out. That said, you might not realize that it's tobacco under those tents. We're supposed to be rainy until Thursday and it's an absolute downpour here right now.

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