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    October 06, 2009


    Eric Hegwer

    I look forward to sweater weather - but the temps here in Austin barely dip below 70°, even when it rains

    Heather's Garden

    Eric -- Now that's just rubbing it in! We're heading down to FL in November for a few weeks and it can't come soon enough. I think it's because we had such a crappy summer weather-wise, but I'm really dreading this winter.


    How about that wind today? Yes, calendar worthy but how will you choose. I have spider looking at me right now from Oct. Can frost be far away?


    The spider pix is magnificent! Choose it - pls, pls, pls.
    How do you get such large plants out of that small container? I've just planted two different peppers and two very-well started tomatoes in 7.5 and 10. gallon pots respectively, but I don't know what to expect.
    We're in the middle of a record heat wave so I've been hauling water twice daily. What a drag, but we're now in the "dry" season. And I am determined to serve MY homegrown tomatoes for Thanksgiving.


    Love that dahlia, it looks so tropical and, after this year's awful summer, anything tropical is very welcome! Please let us know what it is!


    Oh I think I might have had that dahlia once. It is beautiful. We've been running the heat and fires for a while, but I still sit outside when I can.

    Heather's Garden

    Layanee -- I hope frost is far away! I found my second zucchini growing and it needs a day or two.

    Mom -- I don't know how I get such large plants, but the containers are pretty good-sized. I also don't get nearly as much sun as I read you're supposed to have for growing veggies but somehow they flourish.

    GardenJunkie -- There was no label on the dahlia, but I'm 99% certain that it's a Firepot given to me by my good friend, Mary.

    Elizabeth -- We're resisting turning on the heat, though there have been a few times that I've really wanted to!

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