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    December 29, 2009



    "Percolating" is good! I'm looking forward to a dispassionate look at my pool-side garden.
    We are enjoying ripe, sweet-tart, juicy Early Girl tomatoes this week. I have a bumper crop on the vine, however, our nights here have dropped to a mid-forties average temperature so my plants will probably go dormant and show cold damage.
    Now I'll have a chance to see how Giant Marconi peppers fare in cold weather. In my Florida gardening past, they've been indestructible. I'm so in the mood for sausage-and-peppers.
    No sign of the dozen or so lady-bugs I released to eat aphids last week. I still have a thousand in my garage refrigerator, so when it warms a little I will release more.
    And, if your rosemary croaks, I'll start another for you. I can't seem to kill it!
    Happy Winter gardening and Happy New Year!

    Here in Austin, my Amaryllis is about half as big as yours.


    That pool looks considerably more inviting than mine at the moment. So glad you had three weeks of fun before coming back to the frigid NE. I got back on the 17th from vacation also and that is just not enough time to enjoy the holiday. Notes for next year. I do feel Logee's in our near future don't you?

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- I think it's the dry cold winter that kills rosemary in my house, not the fault of the gardener.

    Eric -- Is your amaryllis in the ground? I can't take any credit for mine other than the wisdom to pick it up even at $10.

    Layanee -- I want to go back to Florida so badly, especially sitting here sniffling today with yet more snow falling. Logee's sounds good, but we'll have to get a nice clear day for me to make the drive, which might be hard to come by if this winter is as bad as I think it's going to be.


    Rosemary doesn't like much water, does it? You might put that self-waterer to better use elsewhere...

    Heather's Garden

    Fern -- You have an excellent point except that the only spot in my house that gets decent light is directly over a heating vent. I've tried rosemary inside before and always killed it by not watering it enough, so I'm going with the opposite approach this time.

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