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    January 25, 2010



    A heated pool sounds great! Nothing like going thru pictures to reminisce about good times.


    Looks like your Mom does some wonderful gardening in Florida, even with her neighborhood's restrictions. Orchids by the pool - sounds like heaven!

    AnnMarie Rellias

    Senior moment - the phalenopsis orchid is part of the family 'dendrobiUM'. I have spelling issues, apparently.
    But, oh, your blog is wonderful - you've made my little green area look incredibly luscious. Thank you!


    So nice that your mom is able to work around the neighborhood restrictions and grow a wonderful garden. Actually, veggies inside the lanai sounds like a great idea - keeps all the critters away from the tender edibles :-)


    Sigh. I don't think i could ever live in a place that didn't allow me at least some gardening outdoors. I would feel so stifled. If that were my lanai (what is that, anyway?) i would have to completely surrounded by edible plants. Her tomatoes are beautiful.

    Heather's Garden

    Katie -- I yearn for warm weather.

    Cyndy -- She does have a way with orchids.

    Mom -- I checked the spelling on-line and I think you had it right. Glad you like the post.

    GardenJunkie -- I know, but still looking at her huge sunny yard I think about row after row of tomatoes.

    Dawn -- I would have trouble with anyone telling me what I could and could not do with my own property. A lanai is a screened in patio.


    Love that lanai. Isn't it funny that pools are inside in FL? Too hot outside! She looks like a gardener.


    Panthers...are you kidding? ok I guess it ain't so bad living here. haha
    Thanks for the tour of mom's garden....I'm feeling warmer already!

    Heather's Garden

    Layanee -- I think it's more about the bugs since they're just screen walls. Mom has always had a green thumb.

    Carole -- I know, my raccoon issues seem a lot more manageable in comparison. I'm freezing today and am dreading leaving the hosue for the wedding shower I have to go to tonight!

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