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    March 15, 2010



    Welcome to GBBD! LOL-my post is awfully similar to yours in the sense that we both went with "it's about to bloom!" and "look what I got at the store!" Love your hyacinth-bet it smells lovely!


    Your hyacinth must smell fantastic!


    Nice styling of that photo and the buds are showing good color. I know just what you mean. Good weather is on the way.


    I am so glad you decided to join in the fun. I love that hyacinth-I can almost smell it from here. And yes, positioning it next to the basket was insprired. :) Have fun this week with your warmer weather.


    Welcome to GBBD - nice to see a fellow southern CT gardener in the same boat ;-) Hope you didn't get too pummeled by the storm - all my crocuses are lying flat on the ground (those of them that aren't flattened by all the roof shingles that came off my roof...).

    Heather's Garden

    Dreamybee -- Isn't it awful? I'll have crocus and daffodils by April 15th for sure.

    Joene -- It does! It's also strategically close to the bathroom. I had it in the living room, but it was so fragrant it was making my eyes water.

    Layanee -- Thanks, I was feeling arty. I was also feeling lazy so I didn't break out the tripod or turn on any lights or use the flash.

    Beckie -- I had to put it there, I literally get an ache to go out and garden every time I walk past the basket by the side door. I hate waiting for the ground to be dry enough to be worked!

    GardenJunkie -- I really don't know why I never did GBBD before. I literally have been reading Carol do it for 3 years. Glad you survived the storm mostly intact and I'm sure those crocuses will bounce back shortly.


    In the land of endless Summer - there are no signs of Spring!
    I miss pussywillows - could you find a cutting? There may be some in Guilford.

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    Good information of Bloom Day, your both photos are very nice.

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