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    May 08, 2010


    Jennah - MD

    Those things seed like CRAZY at my parents' house. My mom pots some up to let them grow before giving them away. She's always trying to give me darned Japanese Maples!! :)


    You are so lucky! My Japanese maple (in NC)
    drop seeds but nothing's ever developed. You have a treasure!


    P.S. I just reviewed your stacks of bricks. The shape(s)somewhat remind me of a container platform - probably because they were next to those lovely blue-glazed pots.
    Could that be it? Are you going to build a container/pot stand?


    Looks like a JM to me!

    Heather's Garden

    Jennah -- That's a nice problem to have. I love the look of them so much. Do you take any?

    Mom -- Nope, you still haven't guessed correctly.

    Katie -- I'm going to take that as positive confirmation!

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