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    June 20, 2010



    $1 for herb plants! What a bargain. I bought so many herb seeds this year, and have not successfully grown any past seedling, except for the basil. Dill, Mint, Oregano all started to grow, then wilted!

    We are also growing Yukon Gold potatoes. In this photo, you can see how we staked them. They sell these thin wood sticks at Home Depot, we stick them in the ground about 3-4 inches, then we tie green garden tie to them. It works pretty well.

    Heather @ Dusty Bay

    Hi Heather - your garden (and yard) look great! Great deal on the herbs too, eh? Have a good, good day!

    Heather's Garden

    Meemsnyc -- I know! I have trouble growing anything from seed, I'm just not that good at watering. We've got about 8-10 inches of room at the top of each container, so if we just fill them up I think they'll be fine. Of course, that's a lot of compost that we need to dig up and screen.

    Heather -- Thanks! Nice to meet another gardening Heather.

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