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    July 15, 2010



    What fun!
    I certainly DID enjoy this post. And what patience to get all the stages of destructon. Or did the larva go like a train? If I were to be so lucky as to have a Monarch caterpillar eat my plants, I'd be well pleased. My destroyers aren't so pretty.


    ooooh, do they eat the dill?

    Heather's Garden

    Jo -- I did cheat a little by showing you two different caterpillars on two different flower stalks. One was already gone when I arrived and the other was about half way there. It did move pretty quickly.

    Meemsnyc -- I think it's a swallowtail because they eat dill, but while I'm sure there's a caterpillar expert out there who can positively identify it, I'm not one.


    Heather I love seeing wildlife photos - and such a great pic of the dill too. I hope they are swallowtails as they are the prettiest butterflies I know of. My GBBD is a little different too.


    I loved this post! And I have also sacrificed dill to the swallowtail caterpillars. I was glad to get out and photograph my own garden for today - and hope it doesn't compare too badly with all those fabulous Buffalo gardens.


    Great post! It's difficult to sacrifice a plant, but the butterflies are worth it. I showed cats on my post type has already morphed into a beautiful Gulf Fritillary butterfly...looks similar to a Monarch but not quite. My monarch cats have disappeared so I'm hoping for butterflies soon!


    Looks like the caterpillar liked the yellow flowers of your dill, too!

    Blackswampgirl Kim

    Awesome! And I'm so jealous, by the way... fennel, milkweeds, butterfly weeds... I have them all, but have yet to see caterpillars on them. Guess I need some dill!



    i love your caterpillar post, they are so small and hungry....

    thanks for sharing your blooms today.


    How exciting! GBBD always brings with it lots of neat surprises.

    Heather's Garden

    Rosie -- Thank you, I hope they're swallowtail butterflies too. Your photowall is awesome and your photos are stunning.

    Commonweeder -- And it is a sacrifice because I love dill! Your garden doesn't compare badly to Buffalo at all. But I'm noticing more how much of my garden is veggies.

    Kimberly -- These are the first caterpillars I've seen this year and I've never watched any change into butterflies, so I'm crossing my fingers!

    Tufagirl -- I just went out to check and there are still flowers and all 4 caterpillars are still munching away.

    Kim -- Back in my first year gardening I had Monarch caterpillars on my dill, but I didn't know what they were. I tossed them off, stupid I know. So I'm very happy to see these. You definitely need some dill!

    Noel -- Aloha to you too. I'd love to see Hawaii some day, but it's a stupid long flight from here.

    Debbie -- Not only GBBD brings suprises, my garden does too! I just ate my first cucumber of the year and we have a gigantic zucchini sitting on the kitchen counter. Went on vacation and came home to surprise -- a green baseball bat.


    Just when you think there's not much interesting in the garden, there's the six-legged critters to remind us it's not always about what people want to look at! Love your post.


    Nice series of photos, Heather.

    Monica at Garden Junkies

    Love your Buffalo pics - brings back memories :-) And lucky you to have something to feed the caterpillars - I just have to rely on them eating the neighbor's plants and then making their way to my garden as butterflies.

    Heather's Garden

    Denise -- I can always find bugs of some sort in my garden. The problem this week has been actually getting into my garden. Between catching up on work after a few days off and the heat, I'm just not getting out there like I should.

    Joene -- Thanks! Your post was much more informative though. Your nasturtiums look great!

    Monica -- I'm enjoying reliving the trip as I craft my next post on Buffalo. I'm still waiting for my neighbor's butterflies to find my 2 new butterfly bushes.


    It kind of looks like a swallowtail, but I've never seen them at that stage before. I tried growing dill the last two years without much luck. Last year it was dwarfed and puny; this year it never got past seedling stage. Next year will be my year because I am planting the seed this fall! Then maybe I will be so lucky to have a swallowtail caterpillar eat them up :)


    This is a neat post... I don't grow dill and have not experienced this so it was fun to see! Larry

    Heather's Garden

    Sylvana -- They're mysteriously gone now, but there is still some dill left. I hope that doesn't mean a bird got them. My dill always bolts. I need to sow succesive plantings some time and see if that helps.

    Larry -- I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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