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    August 01, 2010



    That dinner looks just summer perfect. I love tomatoes, basil and mozzarella, a delicious combination. I hope that baby bird flew away and was not eaten!

    Monica at Garden Junkies

    Lee, get your chef's hat on - I'm coming to visit!! ;-) That dinner looks great. Heather, nice night-time shots of the moonflower. I've never managed to get one to bloom - I usually kill it before it gets to that stage...


    Do you remember....the time your Mom found a baby Blue Jay on the deck? I kept putting it back in its nest, and it kept falling to the deck. Then I found out that behavior is not stubborness, that's how they learn to fly. I'll bet your little bird 'flew the coop', too.

    Heather's Garden

    Meemsnyc -- I hope so too and we didn't find any signs of an attack.

    Monica -- You're welcome any time, you've got my number, give me a call.

    Mom -- Vaguely. I remember a robin's nest in one of the evergree trees and seeing the cool blue eggs.

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