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    July 03, 2010



    A stunning post - thank you!
    Number #1 photo captures my attention - he (she, it?) looks like he's smiling....

    Monica at Garden Junkies

    You sure have been busy!! I agree, dragonfly #1 is really cool - looks like it's looking right at you and kind of smirking. Poor little bird. A couple of weeks ago I found one like that on top of the little bistro table in the garden. Very strange place for it to be and I have no idea how it got there.
    Safe travels up to Buffalo. Looking forward to meeting you there!

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- That seems to be the choice of everyone I've shown the photos to.

    Monica -- I had to get it all done before the heat arrived, and boy am I glad I did. So looking forward to meeting you too and some lower temps!


    I like the picture 1 of the dragon fly. He actually looks like he is talking to you. Love the pics of the garden, All of my maters have died from the heat here. Red peppers are coming in, but half of them are burnt on one side. I will definately excel even more next year with my planting. i feel as though my veggies are a part of me since i put so much time into them, that when they die, I actually feel sad.. LOl sounds like a post secret card LOL

    Heather's Garden

    Jessica -- That's awful about your tomatoes. We're just starting to get ripe ones here, but haven't had the first tasting yet. There is nothing more depressing than nurturing veggies along and not getting a yield.

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