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    September 25, 2010



    That's hilarious! We have a Christmas Tree Shops store semi-close by and I've gotten some good garden stuff the couple times I've been there (it's such a weird store!). I seem to have collections of turtles (hubby and I are both University of Maryland grads), cats, and birds. Not quite as many as you have fish, though!


    OMG. I could have written this. Just switch out you, your sister, your mom and fish... for me, my mom, my grandma, and frogs! So I'm both grinning and wincing in sympathy... :-)


    (Btw, I LOVE the fish planter with the lemongrass! Too cool.)

    The Damsel in DisDress

    Neat blog! We're digging our Yukons too. Loads! Hope you have a bunch too.

    Heather's Garden

    Jennah -- It is an odd store. Lots of junk, but sometimes you luck out.

    Kim -- Are families funny?! I still need to plant it for real though.

    Damsel -- Thanks! I'm loving yours too.


    OMG - I laughed heartily throughout this entire post! Wait 'til you see your next 'fishy' gift!

    P.S. You forgot to mention your beautiful chimes....comprised of fish, of course

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- I'm glad you were amused. And yes, the beautiful fish chimes are one of the better gifts you've given us.

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