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    September 19, 2010



    Hi Heather, I envy you veggie gardeners' fun, being able to plan for another season of crops - here in the purely ornamental world, I'm just kind of a spectator, watching it all wind down. Great spider pix!

    Blackswampgirl Kim

    Ooh... I liked the perspective on #4, and then I saw #5. And now I can't decide between them! But I like that both of them give you a feeling that the spider is indeed in a precarious position, mid-air. :)

    I can definitely tell you that I love that crate you're using to grow whatever it is in the photo with the tomatoes on the chair. LOVE that--I'm so jealous!

    Heather's Garden

    Cyndy -- If I didn't have the veggies my garden would be pretty boring.

    Kim -- That is no help at all! Those are radishes in the crate. It was a craigslist find. I hope it lasts another couple of years


    We were watching spiders all weekend too! Pic #5 is my vote. We had one that looked like yours, we named her Big Bertha.. In fact we had so many we named several of them! Eeeeeeee.


    No photo pick on spider this time - I really like the sole strawberry pic. It's definitely calendar-worthy!
    I am getting my outdoor plants indoors, mainly because we'll be shutting down the A/C soon. I just planted more cuke seeds (starter pots in the lanai, but they'll be planted sneakily outside for pollination and production.)
    My winter crops will be Early Girls, jalapenas, Giant Marconi peppers, malabar, green beans and English lavender plus two types of ornamental gourds. !Yay Florida! Come down soon!

    Heather's Garden

    April -- Thanks for taking a stand and choosing just one photo!

    Mom -- Some day I will have to make you a calendar of all potrait-oriented photos since they always seem to be your favorite.

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