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    November 18, 2010


    Blackswampgirl Kim

    I soooo want some beautiful tins like that! What a gorgeous display. :)


    Those tins are beautiful and look great with plants in them!

    Heather's Garden

    Kim -- I can't believe I neglected to say that the tins were super cheap at Ikea, you can have some too!

    Meemsnyc -- Thank you, you can do the same thing!


    I'm nostalgic for amaryllis - any on the horizon for you this Xmas? If not, you can have some bulbs from my border garden - your choice of Imperial Orange, Red Lion, or Apple Blossom.

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- Did you not read to the end? I have an amaryllis going. But I will take one or two back home in January if you think I can force them this year.


    My first visit to your blog. Love your comments and the pictures. I'm so envious of your kitchen window!


    Great article! I have forced tulips indoors but what I found is sometimes I am late to buy tulip bulbs and then they are gone! Plus I hate the step of the 14 weeks of chilling!
    Very few stores offer pre-chilled bulbs for sale, and it is so hard to find tulip bulbs around this time of the year.

    I found one site though:

    They have a great collection of tulip bulbs that are pre-chilled and ready to bloom indoors.

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