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    March 29, 2011



    This is very interesting to me, particularly because Southwest Florida is on 'drought watering restrictions', yet our gated community covenants insist on a green grass yard frontage.
    I'm researching a Florida-green' equivalent.


    This was great to explore, thanks for highlighting The Grove for us.

    I have planted 50 trees here in north central CT, (my post on creating a forest is here:, so this site was really of interest to me! Good info and links.

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- Not sure this particular site will give you those answers, but you'll enjoy the tree selector.

    Laurrie -- I'm glad you enjoyed it. You are really the CT tree maven!

    CT Roofing Contractor

    I just used the Tree Selector and I got a Shagbark hickory tree to commemorate a personal milestone (completing grad school)and I think it is a really neat idea. I only wish they had more occasions to choose from.

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