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    April 15, 2011


    jodi (bloomingwriter)

    Lots going on in your garden, and I'd say you are at least several weeks ahead of my chilly Nova Scotian planting. I was puzzled at marsh marigold being the bane of your existence. It's native here and much cherished, though it won't bloom for at least 2-3 weeks yet.

    Heather's Garden

    Jodi -- The marsh marigolds grow everywhere. In my flower beds, migrate into my veggies, in the compost pile, pretty much anywhere you can imagine. Granted they're pretty all through the lawn when they bloom and then they pretty much go away when we mow and the spring rains end. But in the mulched areas they linger and drive me nuts.


    It's a shame the Marigolds are such a nuisance ... they are a lovely little flower. What a gorgeous little thing the Scilla is ... that's an unfamiliar plant for me. Your seedlings are looking fine, just craving to get outdoors maybe.


    We are moving towards a bloom explosion and you are off to a good start with that row of delicious daffodils. I couldn't grow a marsh marigold here to save my life. I do enjoy seeing them in the marsh though.


    I would love a few baneful marsh marigolds myself - that's a lovely photo.


    Happy Bloom Day~I agree with you, even the weedy flowers look good in earliest Spring! I often celebrate dandelions. gail


    Your seedling spread looks vaguely familiar. I have mine under lights, and have moved3 flats into 4" pots so we are a little ahead of you. good luck on yours.



    FYI - I have been 'consulting' here on native Florida plants! How about that!


    Just look at all those little plants in that windowsill. It won't be long now my friend. I understand about the winter. It was long, cold and ugly.~~Dee

    Blackswampgirl Kim

    Lovely April GBBD post! Sorry, but I'm actually wishing that I had some of those marsh marigolds here, they're so cheerful. :)

    kate/high altitude gardening

    Well, I think you're doing great. We colder climate gardeners need to stick together. (I was thrilled I had a crocus to show off!) Pretty stuff and I'm anxious to see how the seedlings fair. I have quite a few percolating in my sunny window, too. Happy Bloom Day.

    Heather's Garden

    Bernieh -- The scilla are quite pretty, very small, and they're remnants of some long forgotten person's garden that have gone native. The seedlings are aching to be outside. One more chance of frost tonight then it looks like we might be in the clear and they'll move outside.

    Layanee -- It's funny, I don't think of our garden as being marsh-like, especially the dry hillside under the maples, but for a while in the spring it definitely is!

    Cyndy -- Thanks! I was dashing around the garden quickly before leaving for work and I literally took that photo on the run.

    Gail -- We're still far from blooming dandelions here, but after the winter we had I think I might celebrate them.

    Greggo -- I've started seeds earlier, but since I get so little natural light in the house and I'm far to cheap and lazy to construct a real grow space with lights, I've found I get the best results starting a little later so I can get them outside quicker.

    Mom -- Pansy right back to you! I'm scared to hear more about the consulting.

    Dee -- If we didn't miss 3 of the foot plus snowstorms in our 2 weeks in Florida I don't think we would have made it through with relative sanity intact. We just don't get winters like that here on the coast.

    Kim -- Thanks and I will happily package up some marsh marigold rhizomes and ship them to you. I can't kill them so I'm sure they'd get to you safely. However, I'd think twice about introducing them to my garden.

    Kate -- I was so happy when the crocuses came up this year. Never was a flower more celebrated. Even if the seedlings all fail, they helped get me through the last month of winter!


    Heather ~ It's so great to find you on here! i am popping over from May Dreams Garden and peeking around at posts....i am still waiting to see a garden in my own yard - just a few things blooming & most everything is just getting started! anyway, it's nice to meet you. xoox, tracie


    This time of year, when everything is just starting to wake up, is just magical--your garden is lovely! In SC, my bleeding hearts and spring blooms are already done and we're on to pre-summer flowers. Spring flowers are my favorite, I just wish they'd linger a bit longer here! Happy Bloom Day!

    Lee@A Guide To Northeastern Gardening

    Lovely post. Love your pansies-so pretty!

    The Sage Butterfly

    The bright blooms look very pretty against the backdrop of winter leftover sparseness. Nice photos!

    Heather's Garden

    Tracie -- Thanks for coming by. It will still be another month before our garden looks like much of anything.

    Julie -- I was in SC 2 weeks ago, it was lovely to experience spring. I still have another post to do about my visit to Brookgreen Gardens.

    Lee -- Thanks! It's about 40 degrees today with 50 mph winds, so they're not getting planted!

    Sage Butterfly -- Winter leftover sparseness indeed! Although a few days of sun after rain has the grass around the state growing so it won't be too long before the trees catch up.


    It has been a really long winter here as well. I have nothing but crocus so far. Your post has me wishing that I had planted more of those little blue scilla in my garden. They are so pretty.

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