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    June 21, 2011



    This post brings back so many memories - years ago I wandered through the octagonal house when the owner was 'renovating'. I hope not too much of the interrior was modernized.
    I'm charmed by the staghorn ferns - that is such a labor of love. And greatly amused by the Texan trying to grow bougainvillea (a pesky weed for us in FL). As an aside, Logee Farms sold Barbara Karst (old well-known bougainvillea) roadside at their Middletown stands when I was a teen-ager.
    And, oh how lovely is the dogwood!


    Heather, the flower you asked about is columbine. Reseeds very easily, great perennial.

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- You know how much I love dogwoods.

    Wendy -- See, I told you it was probably something really common that I just hadn't encountered. I don't think anyone I know grows columbine in their garden, but they are beautiful.

    Blackswampgirl Kim

    Nice tour--thanks for taking us along! I'm with you on the rooster over the carrot in terms of sculpture. I was also amused to see that potted Hibiscus, because I'm pretty sure that I have a few of the exact same pot! Only mine have sago palms in them. :)

    Heather's Garden

    Kim -- You clearly have excellent taste!

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