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    June 09, 2011



    Oh I hope Mr. Stripey does well for you - he just got diseased for me!
    Do you have a basil obsession?

    Blackswampgirl Kim

    I'm joining you on the tomatillo adventure! There was one left at our garden center, too, so I snagged it. :) By the way, Great White might have been my favorite tomato last year. (Let it get an ivory color to it before you pick it, or it won't be as sweet as it should be. Trust me!)

    And, really... can one ever have too much basil?!!! ;)


    Heather, if I had known you'd be in Stonington, I'd have asked you and Jen to stop by for swordfish on the grill. No time to do the tour this year for me, as dogwoods needed to get into the ground before the rains came. I hope you enjoyed the tours. I'm sure photos will follow.

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- I hope so too! And yes, I have a basil obsession...I bought another two today!

    Kim -- Tomatillos unite! Thanks for the advice on the Great White, my only concern was knowing when it's ripe. And no, never too much basil!

    Wendy -- We would have loved swordfish on the grill! We had a late lunch at Azu in Mystic...fantastic salad nicoise. The tour was great. I will post on it soon.


    Don't buy any more butterfly bush! Once they mature, they self-seed regularly. I find volunteers popping up all over my yard.

    Heather's Garden

    Fern -- Interesting. I've been pretty good about clipping off the spent blossoms though. I wish I knew how they'd do without a lot of sun. I have plenty of shady spots where I could use a nice bush, even if it didn't flower that much.

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