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    July 15, 2011


    Lee@A Guide To Northeastern Gardening

    Love your daylilies-just lovely! Like the dahlia photo as well-nice photography! Happy GBBD!


    Lovely blooms! I adore your white Dahlia and gorgeous Hydrangea. I just love that sneaky Sunflower popping up in front of your flowering Heucheras. It's almost as if it were saying 'Hey look at me!'


    Yellow and blue just scream summer. It's a lovely combination.

    The Sage Butterfly

    I see a small cucumber forming....that will be nice. The color on the distant buddleia is such a nice shade of violet. I particularly like your seed scattered bed...looks like a flower meadow...lovely!


    Tried to over winter my Dahlias, but they shriveled, I see we have some similar flowers blooming. Your 'Endless Summer' Hydrangea bush is lovely!
    Thanks for the tour!


    Oh those hydrangeas! Great bloomers, aren't they? Lovely first and won't be my last.

    Christine @ The Gardening Blog

    Stunning Daylilies and the Hydrangeas are superb! Happy GBBD :)

    Heather's Garden

    Lee -- Thank you. Considering I spent all of 5 minutes photographing the garden and about 15 writing the post, it turned out pretty well.

    Bernieh -- It's screaming, "LOOK AT ME!" I knew what I was getting into when I let it sprout. I just wonder why there aren't more around the garden.

    Missy -- I do have a lot of yellow and blue combos, but personally I like green and purple a little bit more.

    Sage Butterfly -- I'm not sure that cucumber got pollinated. I should really go pollinate them myself if I really want a cucumber. I'm enjoying the little flower meadow myself. It certainly makes for a bright spot in the garden.

    Karen -- I grow dahlias in pots so I can just pick up the whole thing and put it in the basement. My friend who gave me the dahlia that is blooming digs hers up each year and stores the tubers in bags in her basement. Way too much work for me, when I can just get some of hers in the spring!

    Rosie -- I love my hydrangea so much. I wanted them to be my wedding flowers, but didn't have a bush or know anyone with one back then. It's about time to cut some and put them in vases in the house to encourage a second bloom. Come visit often!

    Christine -- Thanks and happy GBBD to you too!



    what a beautiful garden tour, the early dahlia is my favorite, great show!


    I love love love that blue hydrangea!!!


    I envy your endless summer. Mine is sulking over in the west garden with no flowers on it. I am going to have to remove and get something that will grow here. Thanks for sharing GBBD. V

    Dorothy/Gardening with Nature

    Oh, my, that hydrangea is gorgeous! I must get one!


    Is that a variegated nasturtium... lovely foliage! Larry

    Heather's Garden

    Noel -- Thanks! I think the dahlia is my favorite too.

    Judy -- I know, I can just sit and stare at it.

    Valerie -- My hydrangea is not really in the right spot, too sunny, too sandy. But after 5 years now it is fully established and no longer wilts on a hot day. We also give it a bunch of used coffee grounds every spring instead of fertilizer.

    Dorothy -- You must have a hydrangea!

    Larry -- Good eyes! It is a variegated nasturtium and planted expressly for the lovely foliage.

    Blackswampgirl Kim

    One of my other blog friends, Greensparrow in Michigan, just posted about cilantro going to seed. He said that the green version of the seeds are absolutely delicious--like the best cilantro ever, plus a lemony freshness of some kind. I'm intrigued, but I didn't plant cilantro this year... so can you please try them and let me know what you think?!


    I would love to try cilantro here - but it seems to be too hot to flourish.
    Do I see batchelor buttons and cosmos in your wildflower bed? What are the lovely, dark red blooms?

    Heather's Garden

    Kim -- I will try them and let you know, but I'm one of those people who tastes cilantro as soap. So I'll also have Lee try them!

    Mom -- Definitely too hot in your neck of the woods. You probably do see those things in the little wildflower bed, but I don't know exactly what's down there. I also think those dark red flowers are beautiful, but again, no idea what they are.


    Hi Heather, thanks for writing. All is well. Just busy as all get out, family in from out of town, etc. Took a bazillion photos and set up my blog entries to show up on scheduled days but I must have missed something but all the posts were in "edit" mode. Silly me! Fixing the problem now. I'll catch up on my reading soon enough.


    Wow! Those are lovely flowers. I love the yellow lily and the white dahlia.


    Those are very Colorful flowers.My favorite is the yellow lilies.

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