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    July 06, 2011



    I miss my 'edible' garden so much. The long drought really did all us gardeners and farmers a very bad turn - Immokalee growers were just about wiped out. I'll bet that is what your grocer meant.
    It is now finally rainy season here but it's almost too little too late. You're so lucky to have a daily harvest, and it looks so yum!
    Any chance of a 'hostess' potato gift? Can you carry-on them on a plane?


    I think your presentation looks just fine, Heather. And yes.... searing tuna is cake! I'm jealous of your vegetables. I have zilch that I can eat but I'm learning.

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- I don't see why I couldn't carry them on a plane, but whether or not there will be any left to carry is another story.

    Wendy -- Thanks! Don't forget we're 5 years in to our gardening adventure already. Just wait until you've been gardening that long! Here's a deal near you today:


    I always enjoy reading your blog, partly becus I live in CT, but also becus you're blog shows all the imperfections and failures as well as your successes. Meaning, I must have about 50 gardening blogs bookmarked, and after a while, you get tired of those that post only picture-perfect photo closeups, an apparent attempt to look "professional." I much prefer a realistic portrayal of gardening.

    Heather's Garden

    Fern -- Thanks! I get bored by blogs about perfect gardens too. That's not a real garden. I got so upset the first time I lost a plant and thought I was a failure. Reading about other gardeners' misses helped me immensely. Plants live and die and if I'm a lazy gardener and don't water reliably my container plantings are going to croak!

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