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    July 14, 2011



    Sounds like we've traded weather as of late! Not harvesting much around here, but I (we?) started the garden kinda late because of the wacky weather. Those beans look tasty.


    What a pretty plate-full! I have nothing growing to harvest (unless you count the garlic chives) but - joy and happiness - one of my bean seeds sprouted! !Yay!


    Heather, that's a calendar photo! How often do you water your vegetables? I never water them. Maybe that's why they're so blah. Let me know.

    Heather's Garden

    Katie -- The beans were delish! Sometimes a late start works better because the plants respond to the warmer weather.

    Mom -- It was a tasty plate-ful too.

    Wendy -- I hope I get a better harvest photo than that this summer! Veggies in containers get water every other day usually, but every day if it's brutal. Those in raised beds could probably go longer, but we're being lazy and using the sprinkler to water these days so we just have it hit the whole gardne.

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