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    August 02, 2011



    I'm not enjoying any crops at all - boo-hoo! It's so miserably hot even my 'hot-weather' tomato seedling is limp!
    And the hyacinth bean vines are wilting, too. But, on the plus side, I had some lovely visitors from all over in the last few weeks. What a great birthday! I was gifted an aloe plant, too. Watching it grow will cheer me.


    I'm in a bit better shape than your mom, Heather, in that at least the things are growing. But aside from chives and grape tomatoes, I'm still waiting for the bounty.


    Oh my goodness, this is my most favorite way to eat tomatoes! I've never thought to shred basil on top like this before. What a great idea.

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday, we did too!

    Wendy -- Our first year of veggie gardening didn't exactly bring a bountiful harvest. You'll get there.

    Meemsnyc -- It's my favorite way too, in fact I had them again for dinner tonight. I put a pile of basil leaves in one hand and trim them with kitchen shears over the tomatoes and mozz. So easy!

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