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    July 29, 2007



    You sure have delightful veggies. If you like purple and green, 'Black Pearl' peppers are super. They have purple blossoms rather than the usual white and the decorative peppers are truly black like pearls, with dark leaves.


    Hi Heather - I sympathize with your fear of leaving the babies for a WHOLE WEEK!! I don't see how you are able to do it. Every time Mr. Wonderful tries to discuss vacation options for summer I just keep saying "i can't leave now, there is no way". Have fun on your vaction. I'm sure everything will be fine.


    Your garden looks lovely and what fun you will have when you return to see what new plants are growing in your garden
    Sara from farmingfriends


    Plants are like pets. Hate to leave them in the care of others, who just don't seem to get it quite right. (They probably do, but it's more fun to think that the plants will not thrive without you.)

    Ottawa Gardnener

    I don't like going on vacation between April and October. What if I miss something! However, I'm sure your babies will be fine. I once had to leave from mid-April to June first and I left my husband with detailed instructions including pictures. I'm not sure if he read them but the garden survived in spite of this. No, that's not fair, he did a great job. So what if we had a fantastic harvest of lamb's ears with the lettuce. They're both edibe.

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