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    July 11, 2007



    I LOVE that herb basket!! Your sage is so much more robust than mine, It's a real beauty!


    to sow dill: scatter on soil,cover w/light 1/4" soil,water in,cover,set in shaded area.sprouts 7-10 days. butterfly larvae love it (say that three times fast)and parsley,too.
    that's why i don't season w/parsley, i'm afraid i'm eating butterfly eggs.
    i like your use of herb color,height,and texture.golden sage is especially beautiful-guess your bugs like eating 'lovely'.

    Heather's Garden

    Michelle, what in God's name are you doing commenting at 3:41am? Thank you so much for the compliment. I love your blog and have been moved to tears remembering my grandpa when I read about you and yours.

    Mom, ironically VPH and I were just discussing how much parsley we have and trying to find a recipe that called for it. We do wash the herbs before we use them. Set the dill in a shaded area? I didn't do that. 3 sprouts popped up this morning though, maybe I should move it to a shadier spot? I've got plenty of those.

    Something ate quite a bit of the basil by the herb barrel overnight -- bites from leaves and almost entire leaves gone -- and left a brown liquid behind. Anyone know what that could be?


    Heather: All your herbs look great! I love the hanging basket of herbs. Dill does take a while to germinate...I have found. I did get it to germinate but then didn't transplant it fast enough. No dill this year but I am determined for next year. Its' smell permeates the garden on very humid nights! Oh, an tell VPH that his grass looks great!


    Heather, I am drooling over that hanging basket--I love all of the herbs mixed together so artfully! Thanks for leaving me a comment so I could find your blog. I'm looking forward to many more visits. :)

    Iowa Gardening Woman

    Love all your herbs, I wish I could smell all of the great scents along with the helitrope!


    I had never even heard of whiskey barrel planters until about a week ago (that's how ignorant I am in the world of gardening! It's bad!). But I wandered into a local greenhouse/herb shop and the lady there encouraged me to take up my first gardening venture. Next thing I know, I'm buying a whiskey barrel, soil, and a collection of herbs. Since first tasting fresh basil from the barrel this week, I am in love with herb gardening.

    I am totally new ... to herbs and gardening. I saw an "antique oak, 16" resin" barrel advertised at the hardware store for only $15 and I'm wondering if it's ok to use for herbs. I heard that treated wood is bad, so I want to be careful. The first barrel I got was $27.

    Thanks for your post. I can see why you love your herbs -- beautiful!


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