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    July 16, 2007



    Well Heather, the planting container with the trellis is quite nice! Maybe you could plant some more right now, you might have time to harvest before it gets cold! Perhaps a bigger raised bed? Anyway, they did look great. Mine are off to a very slow start this year. I do have a couple of summer squash almost ready. Nice post. Gardeners are such optimists.

    Heather's Garden

    Layanee, I am debating putting in a row of beans in the back and watching them go up the trellis while the zucchini dies -- and I could put more herbs in the front when the zucchini goes. More yellow leaves tonight, but it's also producing zucs, so I don't know what's going on. I have to confess that I really don't taste much of difference between the zucchini from my garden and the zucchini from the grocery store. Whatever I grow next year (I'm thinking about cucumbers instead) will be a bush or climbing variety.

    I thought of a raised bed too (in fact VPH even suggested one), and I may still go that way, but that area along the fence is really the only place that gets enough sun for a vegetable garden. The tree stumps would make putting a raised bed in really tough.


    like mother - like daughter? only, you're actually getting edibles!
    i love grilled zukes and yellow summer squash - with that in mind, plus the cost of plain old yellow cooking onions here(over $1. a pound) i'm planning to plant a Fall onion crop. i'll just buy the zukes.


    Beans would look great on that trellis! I have some scarlet runner beans on the tutuer in the garden but they are not doing too much yet. Hyacinth bean is pretty also but I don't think it is edible! That bed along the fence does look very nice but if you do put in raised beds you could just wrap them right around the stumps and use the stumps just as you have with containers. The stumps would decay faster with organic matter around them. Whatever you decide, I will be watching with delight! Check out Carol's raised beds over at May Dreams. You have probably seen them but she has beautiful beds.

    Michelle Phan

    I admire your garden's info with picture.
    May I ask what state you're are in zone 6B.
    I'm living in New Jersey..I know for sure that my zone is 6 but I have no idea that it's zone 6A or 6B.
    I'm not succesful with harvest. My garden is target of Deers, Rabbits, Squirrel...
    I gave it up. But this year, one of friend in my husband's work give us a plant and I guess that is Zucchini..and I'm searching on internet to see how do trellis if it's necssary..and I found your webpage. It's wonderful and I wish that I know you in my neighborhood.
    Michelle Phan


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