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    August 16, 2007



    Isn't it fun to see how Nature interacts? Now all you need is a few tiny birds to perch among your vines!
    Your zinna and penta colors make me yearn for New England's Fall. Hard to believe that summer is drawing to a close...
    Well, I'm soon headed for the land of 'endless summer' - think of me as you plan your Connecticut winter displays.


    Heather, Thanks for linking to me. I think you should do whatever you like with your tomatoes. I've let mine go to do what they wanted and have had tomatoes well into late October. They weren't the best tomatoes I've ever had, but they were free and better than what one gets in the stores.

    My focus these days is on getting the most and best tomatoes I can in a narrow window of time for canning. I put up a couple different types of sauce, three kinds of salsa and some plain tomatoes as well.

    I don't place a value on my labor in the garden since it's a hobby, but I can tell you that I've saved a couple thousand dollars in the past few years on tomatoes and related products alone.


    I noticed the two colors of blossoms on my green beans, too. But I haven't noticed any difference in beans. ;-)

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- we've got tons of birds, I just am not fast enough to catch them.

    Steven -- trust me, we've seen the savings with just our little veggie garden. I do put a value on my labor, but not on my husband's, lol.

    Kylee -- good to know I don't have mutant bean blossoms. They've turned into the cutest little beans and I can't wait until they're big enough to eat!

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