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    August 17, 2007



    I, too, love coleus. In fact, I am keeping one that survived three months unwatered behind my Florida shrubs. That plant is now on my veranda in blazing afternoon NC sun and shows no signs of wilting in spite of very sporadic care.
    And in another week it's going for another ride South to be neglected again in my Florida front yard.
    A potted plant's life is sometimes not an easy one!


    Heather: Much like you, I peruse the pictures I've taken in the morning or previous days. I had a post all ready for the aucuba vine which had grown and attached up the wall of the garage to the very top. This morning, with the wind, I see it on the ground. Shall I try to tack it up which will require a long ladder or let it lie? Is there a post in that? Until some other better picture comes along!


    heather - my blogging habits are similar to yours. I'll tell you one thing, what I do struggle with is the feast or famine blogging. Some days I have to fight myself not to put too much into one post and other days I don't have anything to say about anything.

    Nice pictures!


    I generally blog about whatever is going on in the garden that particular day, but sometimes I'll be working in the garden and something else entirely will inspire me.

    I'm of the feast or famine lot, too. Some days I could post about three or four unrelated things and sometimes I feel like I'm posting just for the sake of posting. But since my blog is basically a journal of my life both in and garden and out, it reflects the ebb and flow of that.

    I enjoy your blog, Heather!


    Feast or famine sounds about right here! If I have something to say, I blog. If I don't, I let the blog stay idle for a while until I do. I sometimes just use my blog to remind myself of certain things in my garden, and other times I use it to share things with other gardeners/bloggers. Whatever works. :)

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- if there was ever any doubt where my thrive or die approach to gardening came from...

    Layanee -- somehow it's not a surprise to me that we approach blogging in the same way, lol.

    Gina -- I hear you on the feast or famine. I wonder who I'm writing for too. Are there actually people out there who will be upset if I don't post?

    Kylee -- thanks for saying you enjoy my blog. It is most definitely mutual.

    Kim -- I've noticed that about you. But speaking as a fan of your blog, I hate it when you go idle!

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