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    August 20, 2007



    Heather: It is a pleasure to see the garden as a 'whole'! I think it is more difficult to photograph the beauty of the 'whole' or, at least, I have had problems doing it but your garden looks like an oasis. The pepper looks delicious as does the rigatoni! This is your first year gardening? You are a natural!


    I wish I could classify myself as a natural - I still can't remember to fertilize!
    That, and trimming up my door-flanking sky pencil holly containers is my task for today.


    Perfectly coherent... and anything that ends with a drool-worthy shot of fresh tomato and basil pasta is a great post in my book anyway!

    That veggie garden looks really pretty. And I really love the purple hyacinth beans with the red trellis.


    if you could just mention the bastard garden every day, i'd be happy...

    Heather's Garden

    Layanee - that's so nice of you to say since I admire your garden so much. I think it must be in the blood because my mom reminds me that my grandmother was an incredible gardener. Not that I'm anywhere near incredible -- I'm just happy that I haven't killed everything -- yet.

    Mom - speaking of grandma, you should write a guest post about her garden.

    Kim - I knew you would like that pasta. I've noticed that you tend to comment when there are pictures of food, hmmm. If you're ever in CT, you'll have to come over for dinner.

    Gina - if VPH had his way the bastard garden would lead the post each day. He told me today that he would have a cherry tomato soon. I can't wait to see how he thinks it tastes, lol.

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