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    September 14, 2007



    That's a great spider shot! Love the post and the enthusiasm which never wanes!


    hey heather! i love that blueish wildflower! great 3D cosmos too!


    Heather...mea culpa! I missed this one, and I'm sorry I did, because these are gorgeous shots!

    Karen M

    I'm not entirely sure, but that mystery blue flower you have looks a lot like borage to me. I haven't grown it in awhile, but it's got great fuzzy foliage and very cool blue flowers like the one you show.

    Annie in Austin

    Hi Heather - I came over from Genie's to see the Asiatic dayflower and think your mystery plant may be Ragweed. Here's a link to an image from Rutgers University:

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    Heather's Garden

    Layanee -- You're such a great cheerleader!

    Gina -- Thanks!

    Genie -- Thank you and thanks for inviting your readers to visit.

    Karen -- I Googled borage - great plant - but I don't think that's what I have. Very similiar though, so I see why you thought that.

    Annie -- It could be ragweed, but it hasn't flowered, so I don't think I will be able to identify it this year.

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