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    September 04, 2007



    If I have to chose between inmates or deer, I'll take a moose! They're yummy!
    On the subject of powdery mildew, I only know of non-edible chemicals to control it. Have you considered calling your local agricultural extension agent? or Van Wilgen's?
    Wonder if a pot full of veggies growing in a large container counts as a garden? Planters are very popular here...


    Heather: You do have a garden...most definitely! Next, a disclaimer as I do sell and promote Neem oil so do your own research and make your own decision before buying as I like to keep blogging separate from work. I have found that Neem oil does work on powdery mildew and it is organic and it can be sprayed on the plant the very day of harvest but, as I said, google it and do your own research. I won't even mention the brand that I sell. Safe and OMRI registered as an effective insecticide and fungicide. Oh, I love spider web pictures and the basil looks great! Are you having as much trouble with drought as I am?


    heather - i can totally relate to debating between yard vs garden. i do the same thing. i want to call it a garden but then I think "who am i kidding, this is a yard."


    Mom - My herb garden is mostly in a large container, so sure, a veggie garden could be in a container. An old footed bathtub would be a cool -- do you get enough sun on the lanai to have one? I still can't believe your association bans vegetable gardens.

    Layanee - If I can find some neem oil locally I will buy it. I just can't justify doubling the price with the shipping charges. If we do get together at Blithewold (I'm still in) maybe I could purchase some from you then. In the meantime, I found a solution on-line and tried it tonight. I'll detail in tomorrow's post. Ironically I had just said to VPH, "When was the last time we had rain?" (13 days ago), moments before you posted your comment. With the containers we would have been watering more than conventional in-ground gardeners, but it has been a long dry summer, which is actually okay with me since our landlord pays for the water and VPH had watering duty most of the time!

    Gina - your garden is in the ground! And you have those lovely roses all around the perimeter. Just reject the doubt and call it a garden! I will say that having people over and hearing the lovely things that they said about what we had done made calling it a garden a little easier. So maybe you should have a party.

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