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    October 23, 2007



    I agree, much better to rake leaves when it is 60 than after a snow!

    Your mystery flower looks familiar, I'm prety sure it isn't ragweed, but I can't think what it is. I'll think of it as soon as I shut down my laptop.


    Heather: I agree with you! I think it will get cold all of a sudden. That plant looks a bit like the orange cosmos or chocolate cosmos which have those lanceolate leaves. Did you plant a packet of seeds? Glad you posted...I've been missing them.

    Annie in Austin

    Your weather is hotter than Austin's - the high barely touched 70ยบ today, twenty degrees cooler than on Saturday.

    Thanks for the closeup photo, Heather! Now that I can see the plant, and that promising BUD, I take back my ragweed guess!

    Is Layanee right? Any Cosmos seeds tossed around?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    Pam J.

    That flower looks like an aster to me. I had a very similar mystery plant all summer and it just bloomed about 3 wks ago. A lovely dark pink aster!

    Bare Bones Gardener

    Nature will take her own sweet time at things, just to remind us that she is in charge.

    Kris at Blithewold

    I'm with Layanee and Annie - the mystery plant has a decidedly cosmic look to it... And just think, if it does get cold (like this morning - brrr!, raking is a great way to feel toasty warm without having to crank the heat! (I have to put a pollyanna spin on it because sometimes I have no choice but to be out in the brrrr weather...)

    GardenMomma (Chris)

    I found you through GTS. These days are just heavenly, aren't they? I know about wheelbarrows...come check out mine! I had 3+ full after cleaning out!

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