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    November 29, 2007



    I know you are a W-Mart fan but today I stopped at Target and could not believe all the sparkle crap, which I love, that they had there at discounts! I hate the thought of buying more junk but I did anyway, just a few little bobbles for the windows! I love Christmas! I do love the decorated rosemary tree and blue and white were my nana's favorite colors! I am going to have to force some hyacinths! They do smell so good! Didn't mean to make you blush! No pressure and enjoy the quiet of the garden this time of year!


    Layanee -- I have equal love for Target, but I have to drive through the horrible traffic of New Haven to get there and W-Mart is about a mile from my house. Target may happen tomorrow because I can't find a suitable star anywhere else and I'm nothing if not obsessive. And of course, as soon as I say I'm not going to be posting regularly I feel inspired to do so daily.


    Hey Heather,

    I too agree that the electric leaf blower/cleaner-upper is the best thing ever!

    I can't force bulbs in the house after my cats ate them all last year. Keep us posted with your attempts!

    I blog about garden-related "green" stuff. I started my blog as a garden blog, but it has evolved. Your's will too! (I started my blog in the dead of winter last year, and somehow found little things here and there to write about!)


    I LOVE the little snowflakes on that rosemary tree!!! Too cute! :)

    I'm getting all kinds of ideas on how to best force some of these bulbs I've been buying on impulse. I love both the pilsner glass and the cute little glass dish with pebbles in the bottom. I'm totally stealing those ideas--I'll confess now! lol.


    Katie -- did your cats eat the bulbs or the shoots coming out of them? Can you keep any houseplants? I can see me blogging a lot about TV over the winter if not for the writer's strike. I may start recommending books, lol.

    Kim -- The snowflakes do rock. I found a dark blue felt star at Christmas Tree Shops today so I'll have to post a photo of fully decorated tree soon. I was pretty proud of the pilsner glass, I haven't seen anyone else do one. I can't wait to watch the roots grow down to the water. Bulbs are such impulse buys, aren't they? I need to keep out of the garden center, I have too many already!


    heather - don't you just love the leaf chopper???

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