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    December 02, 2007



    It will be out of the pot and wandering around by next week.
    Making piles of leaves is definately man's work, I hope you brought out plenty of cups of tea to keep him going...

    Cheers Mark


    Hey Heather,

    I love the time lapse/before and after shots. Keep up the great work!



    Love your amaryllis shots and can't wait to see what color it is! Also, your husband is a hero! Pretty sloppy today wasn't it?!


    Mark -- I had to laugh, out of the pot -- ha, ha. You'll see tomorrow that I had to take some action. FYI, most burly American men would be insulted by a cup of tea, no matter how well intentioned, VPH among them.

    Katie -- thanks, I find I really enjoy seeing a recap of my plants growing and I'm glad other people do too!

    Layanee -- Thanks, I'm pretty excited to see what color it is myself, lol. It wasn't bad down here. Sunday night it was very icy, but it turned to rain quickly and when we woke up this morning no ice. Gotta love living a mile from the water!

    chigiy Binell

    I can't wait to see the the grand opening.
    It was fun to see the pictures in order.


    Chigiy -- Isn't it fascinating to watch it grow? I just hope the bloom meets my incredibly high expectations!


    This is great to see the plant growing through pictures. i enjoyed this post.
    Sara from farmingfriends

    Wicked Gardener

    Has it bloomed yet? It is so fun wait for flower to bloom. I like the picture in the back, too.

    Heather's Garden

    Sara -- Thanks, I find I really enjoy series of photos and before and afters, not only on my blog, but on others as well.

    Wicked -- Not quite blooming, but it looks like it could any minute. I'm thinking this weekend. I picked up that picture in back in Beijing and one of these days I'll have to post a photo of the whole thing. It's a propaganda poster with Mao as the sun and the Chinese says something like Mao will lead us to happy days. It was sold as an antique, but I suspect it was aged with tea and at $1.50, I couldn't care less, lol.

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