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    December 04, 2007



    Hey Heather,

    After much hemming and hawing, we decided to NOT get a Christmas tree this year (living or cut). Last year I purchased a sheared rosemary hedge that's in the shape of a Christmas tree, and so I've decided to bring it inside around Christmas. We barely have any ornaments, so they are perfect for our little teeny tree. Hopefully the cats will stay away from it.

    The only tradition when it comes to the tree for me is that it MUST have a star on top!

    Happy Holidays!

    Katie at gardenpunks

    Kris at Blithewold

    Your tree is very beautiful - a perfect shape! I decorated a potted tree for a while - the first years it sat up on a chair. Then it graduated to a footstool, then the floor. I finally had to plant the poor potbound thing! Since then I've opted for cut trees and now that my wreath is hung, I think I'm ready to start the search...


    Katie -- as I'm sure you've seen in recent posts, I have the rosemary tree too! It's only about 18 inches high, but oh so fragrant and so cute with ittle bittle decorations. If it weren't for the men in the house that would be more than enough for me! I've got my fingers crossed that the cats stay away from yours!

    Kris -- we loved the way the tree looked by the front door for the 24 hours before we brought it inside. There's a good chance that we'll repot it in a nice decorative urn and it will migrate between the front of the house and the living room as our Christmas tree. Do you think a Fraser fir will do okay on the north side of the house, i.e. mostly shade area?


    Heather: I love that you love Christmas decorating! I have more to do and this will be a fun post! Let's all link our decorating posts to you! Amaryllis is looking great with the support! Are you planning on keeping your Fraser Fir indoors all winter? I love Frasers and haven't yet picked up the tree so it will be a surprise what I find. I will go to a cutting farm to support the local tree farmer!

    Kris at Blithewold

    Heather, Dirr says Fraser Firs prefer sun to partial shade and isn't terribly tolerant of hot dry summers (keep that pot watered!). I think the north side might be a bit too shady most of the year...


    That is a gorgeous tree, Heather! I love that idea of having a living, potted tree, too.

    We always had an artificial tree growing u, but for the past 3 years my boyfriend has insisted on getting a real balsam fir and I adore it. We enjoy the scent until we have to take it down, and the birds and chipmunks enjoy the shelter after that until it dries out... at which time we enjoy the way it scents the fires we have in our firepit. Three or four seasons of fun!


    Layanee -- That's a nice idea, feel free to link away. No, the tree will go outside after the holiday because we have such limited space in the living room. We were looking at large plastic containers at the Depot tonight. Ceramic would be nicer, but much too heavy for us to carry inside each year for Christmas.

    Kris -- I'll make sure I keep to keep the tree well watered. It's too close to a heating vent for comfort, but it's the only spot we can wedge it into the room. I think we've got a spot for it outside where it will actually screen the garbage cans and get enough sun.


    Kim -- we had a real tree when we were very little, but then an artifical tree from about age 11 up. It sure was less fuss and muss, so I can see why my folks went that way. But I do remember telling them they had ruined Christmas!


    Just finished packing for our Carribean cruise - it's high eighties here so reading your blog was most refreshing, for several reasons.
    My Christmas is going to be Florida - NC split, I guess. And decor is going to be minimal, although I did string clear flashers on my outside NC porch hollys. They are on a four-hour solar timer, so my el bill won't suffer greatly.
    I have Christmas plaid place mats on my table, along with a very fat green candle decked with three fat Santa faces. It's cheery!
    Wish I could more, but there's always next year!

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