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    April 10, 2008



    Suck! Suck! Suck! But at least some of it is salvageable for other use.

    Nancy Bond

    Ouch. Sorry mostly about the gazebo, but your plans for salvage sound great! Good luck with the rest of your cleanup.


    bastard garden gazebo!!! this is awesome!

    heather i looked at that same pergola on ebay and a few other sites! it looks really nice in the pictures so I can't wait to see how you like it. can you please hurry up and buy it and install it so i can see if "we" like it??

    Heather's Garden

    Melanthia -- Thanks for coming to visit. Welcome to the fun world of gardening blogging. I can't wait to see more of your garden.

    Nancy -- Thanks, I'm going to need some luck with the rest of it.

    Gina -- Damn, I was just outbid on the pergola. There's still 3 days left in this auction, so I'm just going to wait until the last moment and outbid the other guy again. I'm not surprised that you like the same one though!


    Ha and double ha! I shouldn't laugh. Of course, if your VPH was as paranoid as mine this would not have happened. If it's that flimsy you're better off, in any case.

    The pergola looks great.


    I'm heading back first to my NC garden the last week of May, and I will take pix of my local disasters then. I expect (and hope) that my perennial herbs, and fruits have done well. That, of course, is the idea of an Asian rocked-in garden.
    CT yard work will entail extensive weed-killing. I'm so looking forward to that - I love neatening-up. Any idea how/where I can get low-cost flatish rock for a dry-stacked wall?

    Heather's Garden

    Elizabeth -- You're absolutely right, what if a branch had fallend off one of the large trees above the gazebo while we were sitting out there, we'd have been killed. But what do you expect for $180? And I've been way outbid for the pergola on Ebay so I've got to come up with another plan.

    Mom -- You remember that you can't buy anything cheap up here, right? CT Stone is good, but expensive. There's a place in North Branford that opened last year, but I can't remember the name, nor have I been there yet.

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