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    May 30, 2008



    Heather: You are in herb heaven over there! Love your containers. Very good ingenuity with the sweet peas. You have been busy...want to come over here for something to do? I am overwhelmed as the veggie garden is still in need of some plants and the patio needs cleaning and the gardens need weeding and so on and so on and so on....I am off to plant my Mom's gardens this morning.

    Heather's Garden

    Layanee -- Ask me after this huge thunderstorm we're supposed to get this afternoon if the sweet peas support was a good idea. Keep your fingers crossed for my precious seedlings everywhere. Since you have about 5x the garden that I do it makes sense that you're overwhelmed. And there's still a project or two undone here, though it would be great fun to come help you!


    Wow, Heather--those herb containers look gorgeous! I particularly like the glazed pot that has the pretty purple and yellow tones in the sunlight, and then takes on a bluer cast in the shade. Awesome!

    And now that you have time on your hands, can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me how you got those pot posts put in next to the whiskey barrel? I LOVE that and must know how to copy it. :)

    Heather's Garden

    Kim -- That's my favorite too! I bought those posts last year at They were $29.99 for the set of 3 and they were called plant tees. I just checked the website and they don't appear to be carrying them anymore. Maybe you could find them on ebay or something. Essentially it's a PVC pipe cut on a slant which made it easier to drive into the ground. The top is a plastic saucer that snaps onto the pipe. I did have to drill drainage holes in the saucers. You could easily get the pipe, but I'm not sure how you could create the saucers.

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