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    May 26, 2008



    Heather - I love the new container plantings and those are some great pots! I'm seriously thinking of getting an Adirondack rocking chair except for some reason, the thought of it makes me feel old.


    Heather: Of course I copied the hosta idea from someone else so we are all susceptible to a good idea! I am loving my pots and yours as well. You really maximize your time on the weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing your herb container all planted up. Oh, and the shade garden looks great! Is it time for an outing? Hard to make time at this time of year!

    Heather's Garden

    Gina -- It's the rocking chair part that's making you feel old. Just get a regular one, they're actually uber-comfortable.

    Layanee -- Isn't that just the way it is? We all copy the good ideas. I think tomorrow is herb planting day. I have from whenever I wake up until 2pm to garden. I should be able to get the all of them into the soil -- though I haven't decide exactly where yet!

    I'm totally ready for an outing. Any time next week is good for me (except Wednesday). I'd really like to see your property if you're ready for visitors, or else we can wait until later in June. I'm less in the mood for Logee's than I was in the winter months. Help me decide quickly before I think about how much the gas will cost!


    Heather: I hear your pain concerning the gas issues. I would love for you to see my garden! There is another nursery called 'Quackin' Grass' which has rave reviews and is not too far away! I will have to see about next week though so stay tuned!


    Hi there. I picked up you link from dooce comments. I love your page. I have a question, why the coffee grounds around the hydrangea? Mine have turned pink and I want them back to blue. any help? Thanks.

    Heather's Garden

    Dee -- thanks for the lovely compliment! Don't you love Dooce? I've been reading her for years on a daily basis, she cracks me up. From what I've read, the coffee grounds make a good fertilizer without changing the pH of your soil -- which is what changes the color of your hydrangeas. If you want blue hydrangeas you need to have alkaline soil. You can find chemicals that will do that, but I'm not sure how you could do it organically. Good luck!

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