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    June 18, 2008


    Nancy Bond

    Wow, your garden is coming along nicely, and your backyard looks cozy and lived in. As it should be. :)

    Heather's Garden

    Nancy -- Thanks! We do love our garden and patios. I just wish the weather was a little nicer. Considering it's supposed to be summer on Saturday, today's weather of 60 degrees and rainy is not what I was expecting!


    I am tired now just from reading about all your hard work. VPH looks dirty but his pose suggests it was worthwhile work! Great veggies! I am so impressed with your container veggie gardens. I think it is more work to grow them in containers with all that watering and fertilizing. Also, your herbs look delicious. What did you make with them?


    Wow -- that's an epic post! I particularly loved the pics of the bud and flower at beginning and end of day...very cool! Everything's looking great and I'm so jealous of your tomatoes...

    Heather's Garden

    Layanee -- the containers are big enough that I don't really have to water much more than I would if they were in the ground. I haven't had to water in weeks with all the rain that we've been getting. As to fertilizer. I mixed in that organic stuff when I planted, so I think I'm good until late July, then I'll side dress. The cilantro is intended for guacamole, and the chives and thyme went into the freezer.

    Genie -- Epic indeed, I'm impressed you got the end and had enough energy to comment! You can be jealous of my tomatoes, but I'm jealous that you can go to a farmer's market and get some now. We have another month or so before the markets even open here.


    Ouch! The Felcos got me last year, and I learned that "if you meet some resistence" lesson the hard way then. :(

    What a great post,Heather, and the veggie garden is looking SO good! (And your VPH SO dirty! lol.) I'm loving those new ceramic pots--and at $41 for all three, you really couldn't not buy them.

    Heather's Garden

    Kim -- Thank you so much! If I can manage not to go back to that particular store I won't come home with more glazed pots. I've purchased at least 9 pots there this year -- I have to stop because I've run out of room and money!


    Hey, I've almost lost a finger to my Felcos too. Ah, gardening so much work, so much fun.I love the pics of the coreopsis. Your ceramic pots are beautiful too. I would have bought them.

    Heather's Garden

    Chigiy -- I had no idea those were coreopsis. I was just calling them those pretty yellow flowers in the wildflower patch. What would I do without knowledgeable readers like you?!

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