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    June 30, 2008


    Tina ramsey

    Nice patio, too bad about losing the gazebo and your neighbors.


    heather - i don't think i've ever seen all your seating areas. Very nice! Thanks for reminding me about the design workshop. I nearly forgot! I'll need to get out there this evening and take some photos.

    Nan Ondra

    Thanks for joining in the Garden Bloggers' Design Workshop at Gardening Gone Wild again this month, Heather! It was neat to see different views of your yard this time to get an even better sense of the layout. (And yes, that lawn looks beautiful!) In regards to your comment about the placement of the windows on your house: You're right, it does seem a little curious, but that empty space might be a perfect place for a large piece of trellis to balance out the other window.


    The garden looks lovely! It's so fun to keep track of not just your own garden, but watch as other people's gardens come into bloom as well.

    You should plant something there between you and that awful neighbor. Real bamboo perhaps? I bet some greenery would go a long ways towards noise reduction.

    Heather's Garden

    Tina -- Thanks, the gazebo was fun to look at, but we didn't really use it very much, so I'm not too upset about the loss. Now losing the neighbors...well, one can dream. I like the pipe/curtain method you used in your garden for privacy.

    Gina -- VPH laughs at me because we can seat 20 with the chairs that we keep out all the time. We have seating for another 20 or so tucked away in the sheds. It's a big garden!

    Nan -- A trellis is a great idea to balance out the existing window. I will keep an eye out for an expensive one at the end of the season for next year now that I know better what can grow in that area.

    Katie -- Thanks, I'm pretty happy with how everything's growing so far this year. How shall I put this...I can hear that neighbor through a hedge, the whole length of my house away, over a fan and my surround sound tv system at a high volume. That said, that particular hillside is chock full of maple roots, heavily shade, really slanted, and vole infested. In order for VPH to plant the rhododendron and hostas that are there, he had to use an axe to dig the holes. I don't think anything else is getting planted there.

    Lisa at Greenbow

    Your patio is nice. I can see why you would want to be out there a lot.


    You such pleasant and shady areas to sit. I envy your weather right now!

    Heather's Garden

    Lisa -- Thanks. Since I'm working from home quite a bit these days I am getting to spend a lot of time out there this summer.

    Aiyana -- It has been particularly beautiful lately, but I think I'm also learning to tolerate our muggy summers a little bit better now that I'm spending a lot of time outside. We decided that with the cost of electricity these days we're not going to put in the window-unit air conditioners this year, but come August I might be regretting that decision.

    susan harris

    thanks for linking to this on the Rant - I LOVE photos of seating areas and esp of what the gardener sees from her favorite chair!

    Heather's Garden

    Susan -- Me too! You should do a meme on Rant asking people to post about the view from their favorite garden perch.

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