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    July 02, 2008



    Lol! You apparently get a little bit frisky when you drink martinis, Heather. I didn't see the phallicness (is that a word?!) in the beans. *grin* But then, all I had tonight was a double shot of espresso!

    Your zucchini is making me hungry. I so wish I had planted some this year.


    Congrats on the uploading, spelling, and narrative touches, despite the Martini! I hope it was delicious, and the post is lovely. And yes, the first five descriptors for those eggplants are all phallic.


    I always, always suggest a martini or two for just about anything - especially gardening!

    There's something very pleasing (maybe because it's mostly unphallic) of a collander of freshly picked peas....

    Heather's Garden

    Kim -- It was a big martini. Think of the bean petals as the...oh there's just no nice way to say this...the balls -- see it now?

    Virescent -- I went back and re-read this morning and was frankly astonished that it wasn't a drunken ramble.

    Compostings -- I was little big thick-headed this afternoon when I went out to weed, but the mid-week martini was totally worth it. I just wish my peas were going to last to give us another collander full, but alas they're done.


    The wildflower and penile gardens are looking great!


    heather - am i the only person who thought that first photo was sorta pornographic? i know im goin to hell.

    Heather's Garden

    Katie -- Thanks! I'm totally using that...penile garden indeed.

    Gina -- Nope, I thought it was too, which is probably why I got started on the whole phallic thing to start with, lol.

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