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    July 29, 2008



    Heather, I quite like your blue flowers with the purple phormium but I can see what you mean. The area around it does distract from the container and I imagine you hoped it would be the other way around!

    Ideas - I think a bit of orange would focus the eyes on the pot, perhaps another pot behind it with something like your lovely Parkland Glow Dahlia (I know they are red not orange!) Alternatively if you could get some more purple foliage into the pot i.e. a heuchera which can them be used in the winter and next year (assuming they survive in your climate).

    Hope you get lots of other ideas. I do think you are doing well with your veg - I am very impressed.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)


    Well, tasty or not the tomato looks perfect! You do a remarkable job gardening in containers!

    Heather's Garden

    Slyvia -- A bit of orange in the middle is appealing. I think maybe a bargain-rate annual will fill it out for this season. I have 2 small rhododendrons sitting in pots waiting to be planted and I think one is intended for this large container, but it will have to wait until everything pretty much dies because I have to empty the container to take out the upside down plastic pot I have in the bottom and completely fill the container with potting soil for the rhododendron. Hmmm, more perennials for that container has me thinking...

    Layanee -- I wish I could take some credit, but I think these plants just aren't as finicky as some would have us believe. However, I don't think I'm going to have as many tomatoes this year as I did last. We haven't been as diligent about watering this year and I think the plants are blossoming less as a result. Oh well.

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