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    August 13, 2008



    YUM! Nothing nearly as delicious as you had, apparently! Wow.


    Hi Heather,

    love the name VPH.
    You are a wonderful and very patient wife too.
    very funny that VPH purchased two tomatoes.
    Thanks for the gorgeous pictures. You and your blog always brighten my mood.

    Heather's Garden

    Kim -- VPH certainly does spoil me. We just discovered that a little stand opened a 5 minute walk from our house by the river serving -- ready? -- lobster rolls. The only thing keeping us from eating there every day is that they're $13 each, but oh so worth it.

    Pinky -- Aren't you sweet! I read your comment to VPH and he said, "What did you write about me buying 2 tomatoes?" I told him he'd have to read to find out. He doesn't garden and I don't cook, so it all works out.

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