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    August 02, 2008



    When we finally met Melinda and Matt from the Elements In Time blog it was a similar type of familiarity. Glad you all had such a good time. We are now becoming close friends M&M... hope you have similar good luck.


    Heather: My delight at this post is eclipsed by the true pleasure of meeting you and VPH! How could two gardeners with feet that are so much the same not be instant friends? I felt that from the first time I read your posts and I am delighted to finally have been able to chat in person about all manner of things and gardens. Thank you for your kinds words and great pictures. It is always interesting to see the garden through someone else's eyes. Until the next time....I will continue to read!

    Heather's Garden

    Shibaguyz -- Isn't it fun to meet on-line friends in person? It's also nice to know that Layanee is just like her blog...sweet and knowledgeable.

    Layanee -- I hope the next visit doesn't take place at the end of a very long week. I would have loved to spend more time in your garden, but I was losing energy fast. Really you must visit our garden next time you're in the area!


    Glad you guys got together! Layanee's garden has always been one of the most beautiful of any blogger's, as far as I can tell from pictures!

    Bit of a cop-out on the photos! Very witty, though.

    Sounds and looks like a great visit.


    heather, hi, it's not easy trying to get together with other bloggers...I have a few blogging friends here in Tennessee and we haven't managed to meet! I really enjoyed the photos of Layanee's garden...and as I am now looking at my toes...painted OPI Dutch Tulip Red and wondering what color you're wearing! Gail

    Heather's Garden

    Elizabeth -- We're not all as photogenic as you are! Actually Layanee is a beautiful woman and I think I hold my own, but I hate it when the mental image I have of the writer of a blog shares a photo and he/she is just not the way I pictured him/her at all. You can tell we're women who take good care of our feet though!

    Gail -- It's funny that you ask what color it is that I'm wearing on my toes. My little treat to myself is that I get pedicures monthly year-round. Every month she asks me what color and every month we pick out three that are close and suddenly I remember when she reads the names! It's definitely OPI and I'm pretty sure it's Quarter of a Cent Cherry.


    Sounds like so much fun. I love the frog pics, by the way -- that tiny one is amazing!


    LoL at the feet comments! I had to get out the magnifying glass to read the color on the nail polish bottle! Fabulous Fuscia! Yours was definitely a better pedicure as mine was home done!

    Heather's Garden

    Genie -- I clicked 2 of VPH holding the frog before it jumped out of his hand and I was amazed that one was in focus and frame! It was a really fun visit, but you're queen of meeting up with other garden bloggers, so you know what it's like!

    Layanee -- I had to go to OPI's website and view their color options to remember which one I was wearing! What you can't see in the photo is that the polish on my big toe has a large smudge. I keep meaning to go back and get it redone, but I haven't found the time yet. I'm just glad you can't see it in either of our shots.

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