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    April 28, 2009



    I'm loving the tulips. They are so very pretty. Around here, we don't really get a cold enough winter for them to bloom reliably, so we have to dig them up and put them in the fridge for 6 weeks. I'm too lazy to mess with it, but I'm so happy to see pics of yours!

    I did start a gardening blog. I'm smiles4sunshine54. Take a peek - I'd be grateful for any suggestions you can offer.

    Heather's Garden

    Melisa -- No way would I dig up tulip bulbs and put them in the fridge for 6 weeks, just wouldn't happen. Glad you're enjoying mine vicariously. I'll check out your blog and leave a comment tonight.

    Nancy Bond

    Isn't it wonderful? It looks like you're all set and ready to start gardening! Your spring tulips are so bright and cheery.


    Hi Heather,
    Thanks for coming over to visit. Your bulbs look great and I can see why you can't stop taking pictures of them...You'll be happy you did come January and you can enjoy them all over again. The weather has been really freaky and it's made everyone come out wanting to buy all the things they shouldn't be planting yet. Well I guess that's no different then any other year now that I think of it. The most exciting part of gardening to me is seeing the little shoots come up....very thrilling. So glad it's cooling down tomorrow.
    Take care,


    Oh, do I miss New England's Bleeding Hearts! My Mom's old-fashioned garden had all the old favorites; primrose, baby's-breath, mock orange, gladiolas - all plants that can't survive in our tropical zone.
    Do you remeber your Grandmother's garden? Her DNA must be the driving force behind your talent....sure isn't mine!
    P.S. The Guilford house may have some interesting plantings for you. Peonies, roses, and Rose of Sharon shrubs - they take well from cuttings.


    Heather, that ten degrees makes the difference between energy and lethargy! The tulips look beautiful and the video was such fun to watch. Are you ready for Logee's yet? It is getting to be time for some goodies and there is another great nursery we could visit not too far away!

    Heather's Garden

    Nancy -- It was wonderful, but It's only 50 so far this morning and I'm freezing!

    Carole -- Is it any wonder we all want to rush the gardening season after the horrible winter we had?

    Mom -- I really love the bleeding hearts. I remember Grandma's garden, but I wish I had taken more interest back then, she would have had a lot of knowledge to share.

    Layanee -- You said it! I had a lot of lethargy going on. I'd love to do Logee's. I could actually do this Friday if we don't mind having VPH in tow.

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