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    May 24, 2009



    Re: the 'plant attack' - toads or deer! More probably toads because deer would eat hosta down to the bare roots!


    what about squirrels? looks like more screen/hedge plantings are needed to deal with the neighbors :(

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- A toad? Definitely not deer though. It's specific to these 2 containers.

    Jonquil -- I think it's a squirrel too, but I haven't seen any lately. The neighbors are going to be loud and obnoxious no matter what's between our yards. All the neighbors hate them.


    groundhog, skunk, rabbit all could be the attacker.

    Heather's Garden

    Sans -- We've been smelling a skunk around lately, but I've never seen a rabbit here and I'm usually pretty good at spotting them elsewhere. It keeps happening and I have no idea why. There's nothing in there but plants!

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