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    October 31, 2009



    I'm so sorry your gardening experience was not good this year - but I think you'll be delightedly amused when you see all my 'creative' container veggies.
    I now have nine sprouted Giant Marconi pepper plants, plus the large one I bought at Home Depot when I had given up on any of my seeds coming up. I think I have one Datil pepper (very hot Maya pepper from St. Augustine)up, but it may be a grass seed sprouted.
    Maybe next Spring I plant some flowers - I need something to bring inside, especially in southern Winter.
    P.S. It's 88 today....

    Landscape Forms

    Bad luck for us in Michigan too with tomatoes and cucumbers. Too much rain and not enough hot sunny days brought on mold and disease.


    Cool spider photo, Heather.

    Heather's Garden

    Mother -- Enough with the temperature reports! Thank goodness we're heading down there in a few weeks.

    Landscape -- Tell me about it! It's a wonder we got any tomatoes at all this summer.

    Joene -- Thanks! Actually snapped that picture on Halloween right outside our front door. The spider usually comes out at night and then disappears by the next morning, but on Halloween it stayed on its web all day. The 4 or 5 trick-or-treaters we got around dusk even commented on the "cool spider" -- like we had arranged for it specially!


    And yours is so much scarier! I'm in the dahlias now for November and thinking of your rain splashed summer garden.


    I'm with you on hoping for a hard frost. The yellow bell peppers (which are still green) are hanging on and I keep hoping they'll finally get enough sun to turn yellow - or that the frost will get them and I can finally pull them out and dump them on the compost pile!

    Heather's Garden

    Layanee -- This year I could do a calendar of all spider shots. Unfortunately I had many more photo ops with spiders than dahlias this garden season.

    GardenJunkie -- I know, I just want some finality! I'm holding on for the 1 or 2 nearly blooming dahlias, but I really should take advantage of the nice dry, sunny days and clean up the garden this week.

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