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    February 21, 2010


    Kylee from Our Little Acre

    Heather, ALL of these photos are beautiful! But I love the one you chose. Those do look like puffy cotton balls! I love when it does that. And look at that blue sky! Beautiful. Best of luck to you in the contest!

    jodi (bloomingwriter)

    I too love the one you chose, Heather, the perfect blue sky sets off the fluffy white snow splendidly. You must have spent hours arranging the snow just right on the branches. :-) Best of luck to you!

    Heather's Garden

    Kylee -- Thanks so much. It's an interesting group of photos this month. Seems like more garden bloggers and fewer photographers. I love your entry!

    Jodi -- Merci (trying not to start every commnent with thanks). It was really a lucky shot. A gust of wind came shortly thereafter and about half the snow disappeared.

    Jan (Thanks For Today)

    Heather, it is a lovely photo!


    At first glance (didn't have my glasses on) I thought you had found an apple tree in bloom.
    Very nice photo - hope the judges look though my eyes too.

    Garden Junkie

    February is such a dreary month that it's nice to see a photo with clear, vivid blue sky. Your other photos capture the 'feel' of February (at least this February!) here in southern CT but I like the blue sky one best :-)

    Heather's Garden

    Jan -- Thanks much and I wouldn't worry about being disqualified, 4 minutes seems reasonable to me.

    Mom -- You're funny. An apple tree in bloom in February!

    Garden Junkie -- Dreary is exactly the right word for February in southern CT this year. I think I like the blue sky photo the best myself because I still only half believe I saw blue sky that day! Thankfully it's a lot nicer this week down here in FL.


    Great pics. I like the one you chose. such a wonderful blue sky. It must be so weird to have so much snow. I hope your plants didn't get ruined.
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    Heather's Garden

    Teresa -- I actually don't know if we still have that much snow. VPH and I headed south on Thursday morning. It could have melted since then, but I do hear that another winter storm is about to hit the northeast this Thursday. I'm glad we ran away to Florida!


    Came in from GGW to say congratulations. it's a superb photo.

    Heather's Garden

    Sue -- Thanks so much, you made me blush.

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